Custom tracks made for you

All our backing tracks are made to your specifications - choose the key, arrangement or instruments you need, for tracks that are unique to you. Proper endings (no fades) with that live band feel, or whatever sound suits your show.

Here are a few examples of custom tracks we’ve made for customers recently.

Each one was made to the client’s individual requirements

These tracks are incomplete (for demo purposes) and are not available for download.

To get help on the song you need

Price Guide

  • Custom Tracks made for you...from €90/track
  • Midi to Audio re-mastering...from €25/track
  • Change key, intros/outros, arrangements...from €15/track
  • Unique "Walkon/off" packages...from €30
  • Backing track finder service...from €5/track

Most services can be carried out via email with payment made by Paypal.

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If you need to send us a file, use WeTransfer - no signup & it’s free.

Hand-made tracks for singers, songwriters, musicians, shows

Can't find the track you want?
Need your own arrangement, style or instrumentation?

We can supply...

Tracks with only the instruments needed fill your sound

Important hard-to-find special requests for weddings and anniversaries

Specialist tracks for Theatre, Shows, Comedy, Magic, etc

Midi to audio re-mastering for Games, Web, TV, Radio

For more info, or a no obligation quote for a prompt response

Editing existing tracks

Get the most out of the tracks you already have by having them customised to your liking.

We can help you with tracks...

  • that have a fade-out instead of a proper "live" ending
  • that don't play immediately
  • in the wrong key or with the wrong arrangement
  • that need extra choruses at the end
  • with instrumentals or spaces for dialogue that you don't need

Adding your own unique "walkon"

Sometimes, winning the audience is hard work (we know). So why not let us help you make that all important entrance. Let them know you're here!

We can record a personalized "walkon", perhaps with music or sound effects to suit your style, giving you the "build up" to kick start your show.

Medleys and segues

Once you have the audience "on the floor" you want to keep them there. Too long finding that killer track and the dancefloor could be empty.

We can help by blending some of your tracks together giving you the option of non-stop action, keeping you where you should be - on stage entertaining, not pushing buttons.

Maybe you need a medley featuring songs from a particular decade, genre or musical. A great medley flows from song to song just like a good live band would.

We've helped countless acts put together specialist shows, helping to build their reputations (...and revenues).

Contact us now and get your show on the road.