Custom tracks made for you

Choose the key, arrangement or instruments you need, for tracks that are unique to you and your production.

For entertainers, musicians & musical theatre shows. Full orchestration, arrangements, and proper endings (no fades).

Whether it’s one song or an entire production, have the tracks you need, made to your requirements.
Tell us what you need (along with an audio reference), and we'll do the rest.

Here are some examples of custom tracks we’ve made for customers recently.

Each one was made to the client’s individual requirements

These tracks are incomplete (for demo purposes) and are not available for download.

To get help on the songs you need

Price Guide

  • Custom Tracks made for you...from €90/track
  • Midi to Audio re-mastering...from €25/track
  • Change key, intros/outros, arrangements...from €15/track
  • Unique "Walkon/off" packages...from €30
  • Backing track finder service...from €5/track

Most services can be carried out via email with payment made by Paypal.

Credit Card Badges

Contact us now and get your show on the road.

If you need to send us a file, use WeTransfer - no signup & it’s free.

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