Why advertise on radio?

  • Radio is stable, personal and reaches all people, in their own homes (most households average five radios), in their cars, in shops, bars, offices and workplaces
  • Radio can be heard whilst simultaneously doing something else - travelling, surfing the net, driving, working, doing chores, exercising or relaxing
  • Radio advertising is cost effective and it works!

How Groovejet Media Productions can help

  • We'll work with you to find out your marketing aims & target audience
  • We can advise and arrange "air-time" packages on local stations, including RockFM
  • We can produce your campaign, with scripts and themes to get your message across

We then record the final project using professional actors, adding sound effects and music as required.

Once approved by you, it's passed digitally to the broadcaster

Your message could heard sooner than you think . . .

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Samples of previous adverts