Digital Recording Studio

Small and friendly family-run studio, for professional results.

Call Paul or Jezebel on 26819562

Studio Services

  • Demo Recording
  • Video Transfer (VHS to Digital)
  • Audio Transfer (Vinyl/Cassette to Digital)

Online Services

  • Backing tracks made to order
  • Audio Mixing/Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Video Post-Production (all audio)
  • MIDI Editing/Remastering
  • Voice Overs/Script Editing

Special Promotion

3 track CD deal for singers - record your own CD for only €99

This all inclusive package includes...

  • Studio time for tracking (recording your vocals)
  • Mixing and mastering to professional 24-bit standard
  • Sourcing of backing tracks (if required)
  • A master copy - CD data or (16-bit)audio - for you to make copies

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Recording time 2.5hrs max. Mixing/mastering time 1.5hrs max. Backing tracks subject to availablity.

Some Artists and Projects - in no particular order...