Guitar lessons - Bass lessons

For all ages

Whether you're a complete beginner or want to dust down that old guitar that's been sitting there for years, you're never really too old or young to play the guitar.

Learn to play guitar or bass

Our tuition is one-to-one (no classes) so the style and pace of lessons is tailored to each individual student - learn what you need at your own speed.

  • Learn the songs you want to play
  • All styles of electric/acoustic guitar or bass
  • Whether you like rock, pop, jazz, metal, country or blues
  • Learn to London College of Music syllabus or just “play for fun”
  • Lessons are 45mins, once a week in Tala
Paul with students

Paul with students at a gig

Paul has been a professional musician for over 40 years, playing guitar and bass in cabaret, rock and tribute bands throughout UK & europe. He now has 20 years experience teaching youngsters (and the not so young!)

Learning resources

Useful apps (tried & tested) and audio, to make learning fun & faster…


  • For guitar tuning tones (in mp3 format) here
  • Boss Tuner (free) Android Download

Slow down music

  • Timestretch Player (free) online Online
  • Riff Studio (free) Android Download
  • VLC Media Player (free) Windows, iOS, Android, Linux Download
  • Transcribe! (demo) Windows, iOS, Linux Visit site

(Updated Jun 2024)

Get playing!

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